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Taskgroup is a global ergonomic consulting and technology firm committed to delivering practical and innovative solutions to the workplace.

Taskgroup partners with its clients to identify and resolve the causative agents negatively impacting a workers comfort, performance and the bottom line. With industry and business expertise, broad global resources, and a proven track record, Taskgroup delivers the insights and improvements to create high performance based companies.

Since 1985 our knowledge and professional expertise has helped hundreds of companies, institutions, municipalities, and governments reduce injuries and improve efficiencies. When engaged, Taskgroup activates a highly skilled team of health care professionals to create client-centered solutions. We begin by obtaining an in-depth understanding of each client's needs, wants, culture, values, and philosophies. We then provide an efficient and effective solution based process that is highly functional, durable, and encourages cooperation and participation.

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“TaskGroup is the top consultancy in corporate ergonomics, with an unparalleled mix of medical experts.”