Ergonomic Software, built by doctors for people who aren't.

Each day at work your employees make the same moves over and over again, let Taskgroup help your workers make changes to the way they sit, stand, and move that will result in improved comfort and wellness. Our software, we call "Juniper" was developed by a team of medical experts with over 300 years of clinical and ergonomic experience. It is the only one of its kind, is fully customizable and more importantly it is brief.  Additionally boring does not suit us so we make it interesting with interactive graphics. In 4-5 minutes we capture 95% of all ergonomic issues in the office. 

Immediately upon completion employees receive a personalized report that DOES NOT SUGGEST OR REQUIRE A PRODUCT PURCHASE. Your chosen administrator(s) have access to the control panel 24/7 to better manage employees. Did I say it was customizable?

Dr. Mark of Taskgroup managed over 375,000 employees at three global companies just using the software and the result was a 73% reduction in the request for ergonomic evaluations the first year and more importantly improved comfort and millions in savings! Guess what, it works just as well for small companies also. Plus it is affordable.

Contact us today for a software demonstration. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit. We are a global corporation and have clients on all five continents.

Juniper Software Website

“The only ergonomic software that would work for our U.S. operations.”

- Janet Punty, Accenture

“We love the customization.”

- Pamela Contreras, Accenture Hispanic South America (HSA)

“Simplicity stands out. They won’t use it if it’s not simple. TaskGroup customized the software for our operations, AT NO COST"

- Sage